The Digital Library Project

The Digital Library project is introducing technology-based innovative solutions that challenge the centralization of information and revenues in the Tech, Science, and Creative Industries. It will presents online workshops, archive interdisciplinary artists practices and host panel discussions, podcast conversations, conferences on global topics from : COVID 19 era social dynamics and issues, systemic racism, financial inequity, and contemporary diasporism. The goal is the development of a database with interdisciplinary content, peer to peer connectivity, and an innovative approach to online education and learning. By fulfilling this mission, the Digital Library Project would contribute to job creation, provide for enhanced technological training in targeted areas and foster digital literacy in COVID-19 impacted communities and financially disadvantaged communities.


  • supporting and helping artists to build strong online
    presence ;
  • documenting, preserving and archiving artists’
    practices ;
  • enriching experience for the artist, while providing the
    local Bronx community the opportunity to celebrate
    local artistic achievement ;
  • promoting visual literacy and potentially connecting
    ideas and themes to the school’s curriculum ;
  •  facilitating active learning experiences ;


  • Virtual Programming for the seniors at MidBronx Senior Citizen Council Inc.
  • Video production events
  • Video production - Artists series