The Media Production Center

The goal of the Media Production Center in the Andrew Freedman Home is to establish stronger media sophistication within the community and to expand and deepen AFH capacity to create more uniquely positioned cross-disciplinary projects and educational programs in Media Production, Performance, AR, VR, Projection, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Coding/Programming Technology.


In the process this can address the borough’s educational needs while articulating its environmental-social issues by utilizing the technique of visual/auditory storytelling. By focusing on technical training in film/video, television, and motion graphics the AFH Media Center will further MBSCC’s mission to the community by:

Independently producing, sponsoring, and promoting 156 screenings a year with various themes such as Neo-Noir (urban/social issues) and Green Implosions and Impacts (urban development/tech).
Sponsoring, producing, and promoting media-entertainment events, including infoevents on community-environmental issues, green technology, and green-living.(borough sub-culture)
Training students and aspiring professionals in independent media production thereby enhancing their employability.
Teaching functional literacy and financial literacy using Media.
Utilizing media-based tools to provide English as a second language (ESL Education).
Initiating and facilitating dialogue with disparate communities (locally, nationally, andinternationally) to examine various social-environmental issues, exchange socioeconomic planning strategies, and establish inter-community initiatives.
Providing opportunities to community residents for creative work as well basic, beginning experience with film as an artistic medium

Existing Space in The Andrew Freedman Home
First Floor 22,000 sq. feet (performance space, galleries, library, BnB rooms)
Second Floor 22,000 sq. feet (podcast station, media space, office space, studios, incubator space)
Third floor 22,000 sq. feet ( unused space)
Fourth Floor 22,000(unused space)


  • Media/film production, digital printing, mixed multi-media art
  • Music, sound engineering, audio technology
  • Graphic arts, visual arts, animation
  • Non fictional Writing and Journalism, Fictional Writing and Dramatic Writing 
  • Coding, Programming, and Web Platform Development