The Digital Career Program

The Digital Career Program is an innovative and interdisciplinary program that combines education in digital
communication, technology, and art with workforce training to provide youth and adults in the Bronx with the integrative literacies increasingly necessary for careers in technology firms, government, educational
institutions, and cultural institutions. The program prepares workers involved in the creation design and production of interactive multimedia products and services, including development of digitally generated or computer-enhanced media used in business, training, entertainment, communications, and marketing. The program is designed for youth and adults with a desire to pursue careers such as Photographer and Photo Editor, Graphic Artist, Web Page Developer, Webmaster, Illustrator, 2D Animator, 3D Animator, CAD expert, Multimedia Specialist/Artist, Projectionist, Advertiser, Effects Designer, Social Networking Specialist, VR and AR Specialist, Sound Engineer, Media editor. Exploring emerging and experimental approaches to media production, digital communication and art creation, AFH has a holistic vision for the program that encompasses all media, ritual or contemporary art, and immersive performance; focusing on the philosophy of art for public engagement, activism, and social change. The program will contribute to training a new generation of innovators to think more deeply about the challenges of inclusion, diversity and cultural awareness.


Through specialization in specific fields and gaining experience through collaborative projects and
internships in AFH partner organizations, participants will:

  • Be well-prepared for careers in both the public and private sectors, spanning
    organizations ranging from public institutions (government, museums, libraries),
    entertainment production centers (design firms, film and TV studios, music
    production and recording companies, production and post-production companies,
    news organizations, fashion houses , PR and advertising/marketing firms, etc.)
    technology sector firms (e.g., Google, Apple, Microsoft) to and entrepreneurial
    start-ups, depending on their area of interest;
  • Develop the ability to lead projects and to apply concepts of project
    management; scheduling, production roles and responsibilities;
  • Apply digital technologies to non-technical realms in order to manipulate,
    analyze, and present information and data in a modern, digital manner;
  • Produce media content using interdisciplinary approach and experimentation;
  • Be able to facilitate conversations about value of digital technology and the value
    of information privacy (ethics, information security, data encryption, piracy and
    file sharing, copyright and fair use, end-user license agreements etc.);
  • Develop the ability to design visual projects, create them and present in
    professional manner:
  • Be able to construct online and offline professional identity and to creatively
    experiment with the storytelling strategies;