Head Start program

Provided by Mid Bronx Senior Citizen Council

The provision of adequate childcare is essential for keeping families active in the work force and engaged in the community. Our Head Start program began in 1995 with four service areas: education, health, parent involvement and social services. In particular, we are focused on improving the social, emotional, cognitive and fine motor skills of the children we serve. We've joined together with parents from varied backgrounds in order to help children succeed in school and in life. Today, our Head Start program serves 383 children at three centers. We also provide vocational counseling, adult education, nutrition/health services, and literacy development to parents and adults. We offer a safe, nurturing environment where both children and parents come to learn and excel. Our Head Start program operates year-round and is absolutely free! Finally, each 4-year old child receives additional supports via the Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) educational curriculum. This curriculum helps 4-year olds prepare for the transition into Kindergarten.

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