Virtual Programming for the seniors

Provided by AFH & Mid-Bronx Senior Citizen Council

The program aim is to provide free of charge classes for senior citizens in the community. While classes were previously held at the MBSCC and community/public spaces like the Joyce Klimer Park, courses were moved to an online-only format via the new MBSCC YouTube channel in September 2020 because of the pandemic. Currently there are 24 online video classes for seniors (including exercise, fitness and wellness classes such as line dancing, mindful meditation, poetry reading, nutrition education, art classes and many more). Explore more classes HERE 


  • Building a virtual support community and online classes to reduce levels of anxiety and isolation; 
  • Expanding seniors social network and sense of connection to others;
  • Engaging seniors in the community through mentoring of others;
  • Supporting social participation and inclusion of seniors; 
  • Celebrating seniors by documenting seniors inspirational stories and embracing different backgrounds,
    ethnic groups, cultures.Promoting volunteerism among seniors;
  • Engaging seniors in the community through mentoring of others;
  • Improving overall mental and physical health;


    Active Lifestyle                                                                                                                      Mindfulness                                                                                                                        Wellbeing